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Year 12 Biology Trip to Brandon Marsh

Year 12's Rebekah tells us about the recent Biology trip to Brandon Marsh.

On Tuesday 27th April we went to Brandon Marsh, a ‘site of special scientific interest’ near Coventry.  Although it was cold and windy and some of us weren’t that enthusiastic about it, we all found something enjoyable about the day.  I particularly liked being outdoors all day - very refreshing!

Pond dipping was more interesting that we’d expected – we saw lots of types of nymphs, including strange looking cased caddis fly nymphs, water mites, whirligigs, and water fleas.  Sadly none of us managed to catch the endangered Great Crested Newt!  Just as well though, as we would have needed a  licence to handle it!

We also spent half of the day measuring plant biodiversity in a meadow and woodland.  By laying down a quadrat, we estimated the percentage cover of each type of plant (although our estimating of figures could have been more accurate!).

The cakes in the cafe were great, a real bonus!  Thanks to everyone who helped make the day really quite fun!