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SGGS Student Wins 3rd Place in Safer Internet Day

Year 10 student Saffie Chiba won third place in the Safer Internet Day competition, with her poem, 'Danger'.

The day aims to inspire young people to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. The theme encourages us to consider what we do online, such as exploring the internet and thinking about how it works, considering where the information comes from and who owns it, being responsible for our own activity in the digital space and taking control of our own online lives.

Saffie's poem below:



There is a danger out there

That is often misunderstood

Of dark webs, tangles, grasping liquid fingers,

Pulling and sewing, moulding innocence in stained blood.

Of men in masks, hidden murders typed,

And countless lies; trickery smells of fear.


No.  This is not the danger.

Sold details, infinite filed in silence,

Trapped minds wandering round dark rooms

Filled with shadows, with crooked grins.


You are the danger.

Your identity strapped to you in each encrypted mistake,

Addresses, numbers, contacts.  Life.

Wound tightly around fragile, thin wires of existence

Can’t run.  Or hide.  Or delete, erase or scrub

The dirt of your past off the files.

Branding you forever.