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Part 3 - Head Girl, Charlotte Curd

As part of our ongoing Isolation Blog series, we have heard from our two Deputy Head Girls, who have each shared an insight into a day in their (isolation) lives. The last member of the team is our Head Girl, Charlotte Curd, who tells us about what a typical day in isolation looks like for her.


Over to Charlotte…


I consider myself a bit of a fake teenager due to the fact that I wake up at 6.15am. I tend to lie in my bed for an hour, scroll through my phone, maybe watch some YouTube or Netflix, read my book, whatever takes my fancy. I usually cook myself breakfast to try and keep it interesting - I just think it’s such a boring meal! I can’t get motivated to work in my PJ’s, no matter how comfy they are, so I have to get dressed. I brush my teeth and feed my cat, who like me, seems to love his food. He’s been on a diet from the vets for 9 years (we do try our hardest) so I don’t give him too much; he turns into a bit of a terror otherwise, a very cute terror but a terror all the same! I prep all the stuff I need for my work that day, usually my water bottle and a pair of fluffy socks.

School day:

First things first, I write out my day plan with tick boxes so I do not forget something. It makes me happy knowing that when I have finished a task I can just tick it off. I follow a timetable for the day as having structure helps me to keep on track and stay motivated.

I take walks round my house and garden if it's a nice day because I find it difficult to stay still for long periods without breaks. I avoid my phone during this time because I know how easily 5 minutes can slip into an hour! If I feel like I need it, I’ll take regular short breaks. I prefer stopping for a moment and being motivated when I come back to work rather than pushing on but having less focus.

Once my list is complete and I finish the school day, I shut off all school related things. Working hard each day makes me feel like I have earned my downtime. I still have emails and Teams coming through on my phone, and will answer if it’s really important, but once I have done my work, it’s time for me!

After School:

I spend time with my brother who has come home from University. We couldn’t be more different, but despite that, we are really close. I usually ask in one of my breaks if he would like to watch TV or play some games or just chat after my school day is over. Lately, we have been reviving our old Pokémon DS games and playing Mario Kart (I’m winning!)

I also like to phone my grandparents as I’m pretty anxious about what is going on in the world at the moment and I imagine it is even worse for the older generations. I always feel really happy when I come off the phone from them. I also message my friends; I'm a really social person who loves going out and spending time with people so I am finding it difficult not being able to socialise face to face but I can still spend time with people online and that really helps.

I also spend time with my mum, usually over a cuppa or going for a walk. We chat, have a giggle and exercise together, which is good for our bodies and it’s just great to spend time together. My dad is still at work but when he comes home, we make sure we all have dinner together. We like to play games almost every evening - whoever wins gets a point and the person with the most is allowed to choose a place they would like to go. We watch TV (maybe whilst eating chocolate!) until it’s time to have a shower, tidy my room and get into bed. I always listen to podcasts when I am trying to sleep, somehow it just makes it easier. I really like Myths and Legends or Sleepy podcasts on Spotify. I am usually asleep by 10.30pm, ready for the next day!


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