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We Hear From Daisy, New to Year 12 and New to SGGS

Questions & Answers with Daisy Bennett, Year 12

In our latest blog, we asked one of our new Year 12 students, Daisy Bennett, what it has been like joining SGGS during the coronavirus pandemic and also discovered her first impressions of attending our school.



Why did you choose to join SGGS Sixth Form?

I knew I wanted to study History, Art and Biology, so Stratford Girls’ Grammar School looked like a fantastic fit for me. I wanted to make a change from my previous school and a big part of this was due to course content. I am really interested in discovering more about the Tudors and the French Revolution, which are both on the History curriculum at SGGS. The designated Art block was also very appealing to me and I was impressed with the spaces allocated for revision and reflection.

I’ve not completely decided on my future career yet, but I’m hoping to explore opportunities in Architecture and felt studying at SGGS would help me towards this goal. I also have a sister who attends the school and she was very enthusiastic about the friendly environment, community culture and quality of teaching on offer.


What has it been like joining a new school during the COVID-19 pandemic?

In some ways it has been easier for me than everyone else, as I don’t know what it felt like to be here before the lockdown. The new way of going around school and timetable changes are normal to me, as its all I’ve ever known! A lot of thinking and planning is going into my days currently as I can’t just explore freely at the moment, but everyone has been very helpful and welcoming.

I don’t think the coronavirus protection methods put in place have affected me too much and it has not prevented me from making new friends. The school is doing a good job of making sure everyone sticks to safety rules and I feel happy to be here. I get a bus to school too so all in all, it hasn’t caused much disruption to my learning. All of my teachers are great and seem to have very unique styles, which creates nice variety in lessons and is helping me gain well-rounded knowledge about my subjects. It has been really refreshing to join SGGS and I definitely feel that I have made the right choice.


Finally, what are you most looking forward to during the rest of your time here?

I am looking forward to learning more about the school as time goes on and getting to be part of more extra-curricular activities as and when these are available. I really like the sound of a number of the academic clubs the school runs and I am excited to get started on my EPQ as well. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a new Sixth Form to consider making the same move I have. The teachers and students have made me feel at home right away, to the point where I almost forget I haven’t been here a long time already!