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Stratford Girls' Grammar School Stratford-Upon-Avon

English Language

Course Type:


Exam Board:



A* or A in English 
and English Literature 
(GCSE Level)

Aims of the course 

  • To encourage you to develop an interest in and gain enjoyment from the many forms of the English language, through developing linguistic knowledge, conducting research of your own and acquiring advanced analytical skills.
  • To mature as reflective and versatile writers, aware of the possibilities available in different forms and achieving high standards in your chosen forms.

What will I learn? 

  • You will be introduced to language study, exploring textual variety and children’s language development.
  • You will use methods of language analysis to explore the concepts of audience, purpose, genre, mode and representation 
  • You will apply your analytical skills to a wider study of language in its social, geographical and temporal contexts
  • You will undertake a language investigation of your own into an area of special interest to you.
  • You will use your writing skills to produce an original text about the topic you have investigated


  • English Language students produce professional-quality coursework that looks publishable and has set some students on the path to being published themselves.
  • Coursework opportunities in Year 13 allow students to undertake research visits to places of language interest, such as primary schools for those interested in teaching.
  • There are opportunities to attend courses with University lecturers; and we have collaborated with a local university on their pioneering web-based research into our changing language.

Future Opportunities 

  • The sheer breadth of language types you encounter in this course shows how relevant your own language skills will be to a wide range of pathways.
  • The creative opportunities offered in the course to write and produce texts of your own provide a first-class opening to journalism, marketing and creative writing, while the detailed linguistic knowledge you gain can enhance the study of other languages or literature. 
  • The types of language used in law, medicine, history and child development are all key aspects of the course that can feed into future courses or professions.
  • Recent students of English Language have therefore gone onto courses as diverse as Veterinary Science, Medicine, Law, Primary Education, Maths, Music and Economics, as well as a range of English, Media, Creative Writing and Linguistics courses.