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Stratford Girls' Grammar School Stratford-Upon-Avon


All students take Geography in Years 7 to 9 and many continue it to GCSE. Geography is a dynamic subject that explains the natural and human world, its societies, economies and environments. From climate change and globalisation to immigration and urban planning, girls develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. They learn how to collect and analyse data, to solve problems, to produce balanced, well-supported arguments, and to present different types of information.

       Autumn Term      Spring Term      Summer Term    
 Year 7     Map Skills
Retailing + four economic sectors in UK
Water cycle and three types of rainfall    
River Basins and Flooding
Hot desert environment
Revision and school exam
Exploring Britain
UK tour    
 Year 8     Coasts
Field trip on ELD - Stratford
Tropical Rainforest - Brazil
Environment Project    
Asia and China
Changing Climates    
Changing Climates
Tourism - UK and North America
Revision and School exam
Weather and climate - own research     
 Year 9     Plate Tectonics
Crime and GIS    
Globalisation, trade and aid    
Trade and aid / development
Revision and school exam
iGCSE Skills / Independent Project linked to GCSE option    

Geography AQA GCSE (code: 8035)

Year 10 / 11 Programme of Study for current Year 10 

       Autumn Term      Spring Term      Summer Term    
 Year 10    

UK Physical Landscapes Overview   - 1 hour
Coastal Landscapes in UK - 12 hours

Ecosystems and TRF – 13 hours/ some homework time.

Complete Rivers in UK - 3 hours
Skills: maths and fieldwork - 5 hours
Revision - 5 hours    

  Changing Economic World - 18 hours Climate Change - 4 hours homewprk task
River Landscapes in UK - 9 hours
Internal Exams - 3 hours
Weather Hazards - 9 hours / some homework time
 Year 11     Urban issues and challenges - 18 hours Mock Exams x 3
Hot Deserts - 9 hours   
  Natural Hazards - 8 hours
Energy - 8 hours
Issue Evaluation - 6 hours
NB - Resource Management topic covered at end of year 9
Love Geography? Consider Geography A-level.