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Stratford Girls' Grammar School Stratford-Upon-Avon


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7 in History 
(GCSE Level)

Aims of the course 

The A-level History course will encourage girls to:-  
  •  develop their interest in, and enthusiasm for, history and an understanding of its intrinsic value and
  • acquire an understanding of different identities within society and an appreciation of aspects such as social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity, as appropriate  
  •  improve as effective and independent students and as critical and reflective thinkers with curious
    and enquiring minds  
  •  develop the ability to ask relevant and significant questions about the past and to research them  
  •  acquire an understanding of the nature of historical study, for example that history is concerned with
    judgements based on available evidence and that historical judgements are provisional  
  •  develop their use and understanding of historical terms, concepts and skills  
  •  make links and draw comparisons within and/or across different periods and aspects of the past  
  •  organise and communicate their historical knowledge and understanding in different ways, arguing a case and reaching substantiated judgements.  

What will I learn? 

An interest in and enthusiasm for history and an understanding of its intrinsic value and significance. The specification encourages you to:

  • acquire, and effectively communicate, knowledge and understanding of selected periods of history
  • develop an understanding of historical terms and concepts
  • explore the significance of events, individuals issues and societies in history
  • understand the nature of historical evidence and the methods used by historians in analysis and evaluation
  • develop an understanding of how the past has been interpreted and represented
  • develop an understanding of the nature of historical study that history is concerned with judgements based on available evidence and that historical judgements may be provisional.


  • The opportunity to see interpretations of historical events at the RSC such as Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies will also be taken.
  • If you wish to apply for Oxbridge you will have application sessions during the Autumn term.
  • Year 12 students are also able to visit Westminster Abbey and have a tour around the abbey itself as well as visit and partake in workshops at Hampton Court.
  • A possible visit to France in order to visit the sights and develop your understanding of the French Revolution

Future Opportunities 

  • Apart from being interesting, fun and thrilling, History is incredibly useful. Through the study of history, skills are developed that can be applied to many careers including teaching, finance, the law, journalism and human resources.

Student Focus: Bella

“History sits comfortably alongside a variety of other A-level subjects, and has provided me with a skillset that is largely transferable to Art, which is the subject I want to study at university.”

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Why did you choose History?

It's such a fascinating subject, integral for understanding our current social, political and economic climate.  I have particularly enjoyed gaining an improved understanding of high Tudor society and the impact of courtly life and scandal.  I have found that History has provided me with a plethora of useful information and essay-writing skills which I use across the board.

How will History help you in higher education?

I plan to study History of Art at Cambridge University, something I could not have aspired to without studying History.  The subject has informed my understanding of the changes within art through the ages as well as expanding my interpretation of different historical periods and events through historiography.