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Stratford Girls' Grammar School Stratford-Upon-Avon

Religious Studies

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Advisory - 7 in Religious Studies and 7 in English 
(GCSE Level)

Aims of the course 

  • Develop confidence in the rigorous study of philosophy, ethics and theology and relate it to the wider world
  • Develop your knowledge and understanding appropriate to a specialist study of philosophy, ethics and theology
  • Adopt an enquiring, critical and reflective approach
  • Reflect on and develop your own values, opinions and attitudes in the light of your study

What will I learn? 

  • in-depth study of Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics, including applied and normative ethics
  • to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of connections between different areas of study and their relationship to specified aspects of human experience.


  • The course is taught by specialist teachers, who have masters-level qualifications and many years of experience, including examining for this exam board. In RS there’s vigorous debate and deep reflection on many of life’s big questions. You will also be able to take part in study days, attend conferences and have the opportunity of a trip to Rome.

Future Opportunities 

Religious Studies is a well-regarded, rigorous academic subject that appeals to universities and employers. Enjoyable and challenging in itself, it is also a useful subject for those considering a career in medicine, law, journalism, business, politics, teaching ... in fact, any field in which you need to think critically and develop coherent arguments.

Religious Studies complements other arts and science-based subjects. The Russell Group of universities has identified RS as providing suitable preparation for entry to university along with other subjects like Economics. Past RS pupils have studied a variety of subjects at top universities. Recent destinations for our pupils include Cambridge, Manchester, Kings College London and Edinburgh.

Student Focus: Kim

“We are actively encouraged to use our skills to question things.  It is an interesting, sophisticated subject and I really enjoy the challenges.”

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Why did you choose Philosophy and Ethics?

I wanted to explore the subject further, as I only studied a small section during GCSE. I've always had an interest in Philosophy as I thought it would help me understand the world around me a little more.  At first, the thought of Ethics didn't really appeal, but it has actually been the best part of the course.  

How does it sit with your other subjects?

I am taking English Language, Sociology and Maths.  I don't really see a link between the subjects but I do think that Philosphy and Ethics has helped to develop my language and therefore improved my writing skills tremendously.  I would like to continue with it at university.