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It is strongly recommended that parents / carers / applicants establish the cost and availability of transport to the School if it is intended to use a bus or train service (public or otherwise), before application is made for admission.

Warwickshire County Council are responsible for information about transport to and from school.

  • For general queries about school travel click HERE
  • For information on School Bus routes click HERE
  • For information on public bus routes click HERE

Further information on Warwickshire transport policy and application process can be found on the Warwickshire County Council website.


Warwickshire County Council is considering a number of changes to the current Home to School Transport Policy. Parents/carers, children and young people, professionals and other members of the public are asked to comment on the proposals.
The policy is being changed for a number of reasons:

  • To update the policy in light of recent legislation
  • To revise non-statutory duties
  • To ensure consistencies in the transport policy

You can take part in the public consultation in the following ways:

By taking the survey HERE or by emailing:

Grammar Bus Service

A group of enterprising parents have set up their own bus service from Knowle/Dorridge, Solihull, Balsall and Kenilworth. Find out more at and stratfordgrammarschoolscoach.  They can also be contacted at or or call them on 0750 225 3199.


SGGS & KES Bus Service

A small group of current SGGS and KES parents have set up a new bus service from Balsall Common, Coventry, Dorridge, Hampton, Kenilworth, Knowle.

  • The coach service will be administered DIRECTLY by the coach provider
  • More competitive fees
  • Well-known local coach provider
  • Direct payments to coach provider for greater security level
  • Initial deposit to reserve a seat
  • Remaining balance payable by 1st July 2021. (*to be confirmed)
  • Modern coaches with ample space; better suited to Secondary school children

Click the link below. The new bus request form will appear. By registering your interest, you are not committed to take up the service. 

Sixth Form - Driving to School

We recognise that there are some students who will pass their driving tests during their time in Sixth Form and may want to drive to school.  It is important to note that there is NO PARKING on the school site whatsoever for sixth former's cars.  However, SGGS has made an arrangement with Anne Hathaway's cottage which is a short walk from the school site, whereby students can park there during the school day.  This arrangement was established by previous students working alongside our neighbours, and the school pays for this facility.

Whilst it is not illegal to park outside residents' homes, we do ask that students use the parking facility provided; it is part of the Sixth Form Home School Agreement and is in place to assist our community.