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Students of German at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School are passionate and enthusiastic. Every year they go on to study language at top universities. We aim to equip all students with the linguistic ability that supports their love of the German language and culture.


Sixth Form Curriculum:

SGGS German A-level results are consistently outstanding with students in recent years attaining 100% A*-B. In 2019, 80% of students attained A*/A. This is 31% higher than similar centres and puts Stratford Girls’ Grammar School amongst the top-performing schools nationally, including other selective schools, independent schools, and international schools.

Our students benefit from teaching by highly qualified and passionate teaching experts. The teaching groups are of optimal size to ensure that students have a mutually supportive and enjoyable learning experience. This also affords individualised learning for all students. They learn in a supportive and relaxed environment, with many opportunities for collaborative learning, group discussions and development of oral fluency within a supportive atmosphere.

In an increasingly globalised world being able to speak and communicate in German can put students at a distinct advantage in the competitive job market. Learning German can provide many opportunities both academically and career-wise, and the ability to engage in meaningful dialogue with crucial political and trading partners is becoming more and more important. An A-level in German is an asset which is very highly prized by higher education institutions and by employers.

Job vacancies for German speakers have risen by 11.6% over the last three years and German has been seen as the second language most desired by employers. Furthermore, there aren’t many native English speakers who master the German language to such high levels.

Students benefit from approximately ten hours of teaching every two weeks in addition to conversation lessons with a language assistant. The MFL Department has a language laboratory equipped with the latest technology and resources so that students can take advantage of a range of films, reading and listening resources to maximise learning.



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