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At Stratford Girls’ Grammar School, we believe Physics is much more than principles. We will not only teach students how to understand and appreciate the subject, but also how to apply knowledge to different situations and cultivate the life-long skill of logical approach and the scientific method. Our department helps girls gain an understanding of how the universe works and realise the awe and wonder of the place that we occupy in the cosmos; laying the foundation towards life-long learning and understanding of technological advances and their impact on modern society.


Sixth Form Curriculum

Students of A-level Physics at SGGS will develop their practical skills and build on their foundational understanding of physical quantities and units, measurements, scalars and vectors. We investigate forces, energy, power, materials and momentum as well as electrons, waves and photons. Energy is integral to modern-day living and integral to student understanding, with topics such as power, resistance, electrical circuits and quantum physics all key components of Sixth Form learning. We dive into the Newtonian world, astrophysics, thermal physics, circular motion, oscillations, gravitational fields and cosmology. Not to mention the research we undertake into particles, medical physics and imaging, capacitors, electric fields, magnetic fields, electromagnetism and nuclear physics.  

SGGS students attend a particle physics masterclass at Warwick University where they have a unique chance to work alongside current undergraduates, using bespoke simulations to interpret data collected in particle accelerator research. This exciting opportunity is not all students have to look forward to as they also have the opportunity to enter the Physics Olympiad both in Year 12 and Year 13. This is an extremely prestigious event that is looked upon favourably by top universities.

Studying Physics at A-level facilitates a very wide range of future study and careers. It is a highly regarded subject that can help students achieve careers in business, the media, science, or a host of other fields. There are over 700 related courses available for students to continue their learning after graduating SGGS Sixth Form and these often combine with other specialist subjects such as Biomedical Engineering, Marketing or Philosophy.


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