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Stratford Girls' Grammar School Stratford-Upon-Avon



Katie (Year 9)

Stratford Girls’ Grammar has given me so many opportunities such as Drama and sports like hockey. It has helped me excel in things I never knew I could. I have made some amazing friendships, and have made memories that will stay with me forever!

Maddie (Year 8)

Sport is a major part of my life and something I wish to keep doing for years. Stratford Girls’ has helped me manage my school work as well as my sporting career, and they have become  really flexible ensuring they give me the right environment to have as many opportunities as possible. Something all schools should do, putting the student as the priority to excellence.

Ellie (Year 11)

As an all-girls school, Stratford Girls' Grammar School allows everyone to grow with confidence and progress in their work through the unlimited support and care available from not only all members of staff but also all your fellow students. I feel motivated and confident that I can go onto achieve any goals I set myself in the future, due to the family-like atmosphere, and the opportunities presented to me at Shottery. It is the perfect school to support a successful and amazing future career.

Georgia (Year 12)

Although I was initially hesitant at leaving the comfort of my old school, I was delighted by how quickly I settled in at Stratford Girls’. I previously attended a mixed school, but I love the new atmosphere and the bonds throughout the school. Whether it was in my AS, extra-curricular or the Manor, everyone was always eager to encourage me to be myself. Everyone was looking to make friends, and that feeling was infectious into making everyone eager to start AS. No matter what Year you are in, nobody is ignored, and the pastoral system is outstanding, for everyone.

I would definitely encourage anyone to come to Stratford Girls’, as long as you are hard-working and eager to achieve.

Imogen (Year 7)

I love being around all of these friendly and welcoming girls. The encouragement from them and the teachers is great and really makes the school days fun and worthwhile. The lessons and activities are new and interesting from all areas and really involve all the girls so they can reach their full potential. The teachers nurture us to great heights and make sure we are happy here which we certainly are! I have especially enjoyed the sports activities available and the extracurricular activities we have also had a chance to try out. So far my experience here at Stratford Girls’ has been great and I can’t wait to grow intellectually and as a person.

Imane (Year 7)

Stratford Girls’ Grammar is a school with so many opportunities for everyone, whoever you may be. It’s a place where girls can be comfortable and be themselves. All the teachers are so supportive and you make so many friends so quickly! Personally, my favourite lesson is Art: I love how you can express yourself freely. This school has been such a kind community, for me and everyone else who joins.

Imogen (Year 7)

I have really loved being at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School: no two people are the same, your individuality is encouraged and you are completely free to be who you are. 

I love Music and all of the opportunities available are incredible. All teachers encourage you to be who you are and to do your best; they encourage you to try new things but there is no pressure to do something you don’t want to do. It was the best decision to come here and I have enjoyed every single moment of it!

Akira (Year 12)

Stratford Girls’ Grammar School was definitely the right school, and Sixth Form, for me! Time and time again this school has stretched my abilities and pushed me to not only achieve, but to over reach my expectations. Within school, I’ve truly experienced no limitations to my learning and the experiences offered to me, from Jazz Band to lacrosse, have been fantastic. Within Shottery there’s always a place for you.

Nabilah (Year 7)

I like having loads of friends because they are always there for you and everyone is really friendly. Before I started, I thought that it would be so strange being at an all girls’ school but after a few weeks, I turned round and said to my friend ‘I just realized, there are no boys’! I hadn't noticed because it feels so normal.

Katie (Year 8)

Stratford Girls’ Grammar School has provided such a range of activities and opportunities for me to try. It supports me in both my strongest and weakest areas of the curriculum, which helps me to achieve  to the best of my ability from Art and DT to French and Latin.

Parishee (Year 11)

Stratford Girls’ has provided me with a range of opportunities throughout the years. As a Year 7, I loved going to clubs and that helped me develop my interest in Science, which  is why I now attend  dissection club - as well as going along to listen to various speakers who hold lunchtime talks. These clubs helped me developed my knowledge outside a classroom environment and also gave me the chance to try new things that would be impossible to do in lessons.

Stratford Girls’ has helped me make friends across all years because of vertical tutoring which is greatly beneficial when it comes to choosing options and work experience. Also, the older girls give  invaluable advice for exams.  We are a very tight-knit community and this makes it easier to make friends. Also, by talking to different people you grow new interests and make new friends.

Amber (Year 11)

The teachers at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School have offered me the support and guidance that I have needed throughout my time here so far. They helped me develop my interests in learning, helped me become more confident and also prepared me for my life beyond secondary school. I feel ready to achieve any goals I set for myself in the future, with the knowledge and motivation the school has given me. 

Nipuni (Year 9)

Joining Stratford Girls’ Grammar School has really helped me to develop my interests in extra-curricular activities such as Music and PE. Being here has helped me grow in my favourite subjects like Languages and Science and I’ve gained many friends from all year groups in the school.

Isabella (Year 12)

After being educated overseas in America for the past 8 years, I have experienced many different systems. Stratford Girls’ is different from any other experience because of the immense amount of one-on-one guidance and help the girls receive. The support and encouragement I’ve received from my teachers throughout my A-levels so far has been astounding.  I really enjoy being at Shottery because it has helped me to discover myself and reach my full potential. The School has helped me to not only grow as a student but as a person. Shottery has such a wide variety of girls, it’s impossible not to make friends.

Katie (Year 12)

I joined Stratford Girls' in Year 12 from a mixed comprehensive, and I immediately loved the environment, which helps girls achieve their very best.  Shottery nurtures all girls to find their own voices, interests and passions. Girls and teachers alike encourage us to express our opinions and ensure we all have a say, whether it’s with our learning or with wider issues locally or nationally. You can join our incredible Feminist Society, Redefining Feminism, and play a part in improving gender equality and opportunities for young women. We also have Debating Matters and Amnesty International Society both of which promote girls to think beyond our school and our community, discussing controversial issues from three parent babies to the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia. There is certainly encouragement to stand up for what you believe in.  We aren’t all about exams, but instead helping girls to become well-rounded, inquisitive and confident individuals, which has to be my favourite thing about our school.