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Attendance & Being Off-Site


The day starts at 8.55am and ends at 3.55pm.  Students will need to use the fingerprint registration points to sign in when they arrive in the morning, and again after lunch.  Electronic registers are taken in each lesson.

Students are required to sign out and in again should they leave the site for lunch.

All members of the sixth form are expected to attend all lessons, assemblies and required tutorials.

Any requests for extended absence during term time (for example for work experience) should be made directly to the Headteacher by parents/carers.  Our Attendance Policy can be viewed here.

Off-Site Study Periods

For some students, it may make sense for them to take their study periods off site, for example if they have no timetabled lessons at the end of the day.  It is imperative that students see this time as an opportunity to extend their learning rather than 'free time'.  It is worth bearing in mind that for each A-level, at least 5 hours of private study per week are strongly recommended.

  • Year 13 students can make the necessary arrangements with the Head of Sixth Form should they wish to study off-site.
  • For Year 12 students, working off-site is a privilege that they can earn and it is one that is awarded on an individual basis.

Driving Lessons

Lessons cannot be arranged during study periods.