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Sixth Form Dress Code

Our sixth form students are role models to the rest of the school.  It should never be underestimated how much the younger students watch and look up to them on a daily basis.

The aim of the Sixth Form Dress Code is to ensure that students project a personally distinctive, smart and business-like image, which will reflect their attitude to learning and the community values and high standards of the school as a whole.  Through the dress code, we aim to:

  • encourage pride in our school;
  • support teaching and learning and a positive work ethic;
  • enable all of our students to feel comfortable, safe and secure;
  • ensure that all students of different social, religious and ethnic groups feel welcome; and
  • foster a sense of equality and community cohesion

It is therefore essential that students dress in a way that is suitable for a mixed business environment and are coordinated in both style and colour.  Extremes of fashion do not have a place in the school or workplace, although we are proud to support, and indeed encourage students to have their own identities, which includes the way they present themselves.  It is this reason that our Dress Code was created with and for students and allows considerable individuality.

Students who fail to adhere to the dress code will be warned, loaned suitable clothing from the sixth form office, and in some cases be asked to go home and change or work in isolation in the Manor.  The Sixth Form Office will have the final decision on appropriate dress.

Overall Look

Smart business wear must be worn at all times, including a jacket.  There are no rules regarding colours – we want you to be able to express yourself – but remember this is a WORK environment.

  • Jackets should be worn at all times around school; jumpers and cardigans cannot be worn instead of a jacket, they must be worn underneath if needed and should be smart. Hoodies and sports jumpers/sweatshirts are not permitted.
  • Smart, business skirts/dresses should be closer in length to the knee than the thighs and in all cases longer than fingertips when hands are placed by your side; bodycon skirts or dresses are not permitted.
  • Smart trousers: shorts, jeans, jeggings, skinny-fit trousers and leggings are not acceptable.
  • Strappy tops with thin spaghetti straps, low-cut blouses/tops and casual t-shirts (with or without logos) are not permitted, tops must be layered so they are not revealing.
  • Denim, suede and leather skirts, trousers or tops are not permitted.
  • There should be no bare midriffs.
  • Smart flat or low-heeled shoes. Heels should not be higher than 5cm.
  • Smart leather/ equivalent plain boots with a low heel are permitted – ankle, calf or knee length.
  • High heels, Dr. Martens style boots and flip-flops are not allowed nor are trainers, boat shoes or other casual shoes.
  • Coats (if worn to and from school) should be smart and can be of any colour.
  • Coats should not be worn inside school buildings or classrooms - please use storage or coat hooks in the Manor.
Jewellery & Make-Up

Modest, unobtrusive jewellery appropriate for a working environment may be worn - one pair fashion earrings only. Any other piercings must be studs.

Piercings and Tattoos

With the exception of studs in the ear, no facial or visible bodily decorative piercing or tattoos are allowed. No nose piercings are allowed with the exception of those authorised by the Head of Sixth Form on cultural/ religious grounds.


Hair should be appropriate for a formal work environment, i.e no extremes of fashion, colours or styles. Long hair should be tied back when Health and Safety requires it.

Requests to vary the code for particular reasons, such as medical needs, will always be carefully considered.  See the Head of Sixth Form in the first instance or email her here