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Ethos & Values

At Stratford Girls’ Grammar School, we shape futures.

We specialise in an individualised approach to education and a plethora of opportunities for personal and educational development. Believing in our students, recognising them for who they are and encouraging their ambitions, fosters an immersive and engaging atmosphere that translates into all-round success during their SGGS years and beyond.  Our impressive alumnae are a testament to that.

As an all-girl school, our curriculum can be tailored in a way that connects with our students. We break gender stereotypes, build confidence and enable young women to flourish without disruption or distraction.   We are known for - and committed to - high-standards, exceptional learning environments and first-class teaching, and our achievements match our reputation, both in exam performance and in our delivery of pastoral care.

SGGS takes its role as educator of choice very seriously. By consistently providing the best environment and support for each student, we instil resilience and help to prepare her for life beyond education.  We place as much emphasis on building character as we do on academic success and mental well-being, thus ensuring that all of our students leave us as well-rounded, contributing members of society who are fearless and bold, unafraid to use their own voice and trust their own judgement. 

During her time with us, an SGGS student will celebrate her own achievements and the achievements of others, she will develop the skills to think and learn independently and respond to academic challenge and support.  Community engagement and contribution is vital to her growth and we ensure that she takes advantage of every opportunity presented to her during her seven-year journey at SGGS.  She will recognise the importance of kindness and empathy, of the responsibility that comes with being a role model to the younger women who will follow in her footsteps, and she will take the expectation for achievement in her stride and embrace the challenges that come with it.

As a school, we value our community spirit, sense of belonging, creativity and diversity, and we pledge to use our combined knowledge and expertise to consistently provide a rich and fulfilling education, developing each student both academically and for future life.  We will continue to go above and beyond to ensure that she realises her full potential, exceeding even her own expectations.

You can view the Vision & Values Policy Here: