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Mathematical Studies

The primary focus of Core Maths course is on using and applying mathematics and statistics to address authentic problems and real-life scenarios, drawn from study, work and life, with a strong emphasis on problem-solving. Core Maths is a qualification equal in size to an AS Level (and therefore has the same number of UCAS tariff points) and is graded A-E.

Why should I consider taking Mathematical Studies?

Mathematical Studies is for students who do not wish to study AS or A-level but who want to develop their mathematical, statistical and numerical skills to complement their other A-levels/higher education courses. Mathematical Studies helps students develop their quantitative and problem-solving skills. This is valuable preparation for the skills they will need for many degree courses, particularly subjects such as psychology, business-related courses, sports and social sciences, and natural science courses.

Universities favour this if students are not taking A-level Maths.


What do our students say?

‘“The most enjoyable part of Mathematical Studies has been learning about useful practical maths skills which we didn’t get the opportunity to cover at GCSE. We have covered important topics like Interest Rates, NIC and Income Tax which I knew very little about before undertaking this course. The course is an excellent way for me to demonstrate that I have both an interest and good ability at mathematical skills for my UCAS application.”