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Our Achievements


Exam Results

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent cancellation of exams in Summer 2020, no performance data was published.  The most up-to-date data, therefore, is the Summer 2019 results.

In 2019, we were delighted to appear again in the top 10% of all schools in the country for the progress students make from the end of Key Stage 2 to GCSE. Indeed, the school's 2019 Progress 8 score of 0.68 shows that students at Stratford Girls' Grammar achieve, on average, over two thirds of a grade higher per subject in their GCSE examinations than other students with the same prior attainment.

GCSE key statistics from 2019 are as below:

  • +0.68 Progress 8 Score

  • 78.5 Attainment 8 score

  • 7.49 EBacc Average Points Score:

  • 82% entered the EBacc

  • 98% achieved a strong pass (grade 5 or above) in English and maths

A-Level key statistics from 2019 are as below:

  • +0.05 Level 3 Value Added

  • 15% achieved A* grades

  • 40.9% achieved A*/A grades

  • 73.8% achieved A* - B grades

  • A* the average grade of disadvantaged students

Destinations 2020

  • 7 (7%) went to Oxbridge

  • 7 (7%) went to study a Medical Dentistry Veterinary (MDV) course

  • 83 (81%) went to their Firm university

  • 64 (62%) went to a Russell Group university

  • 1 student gained a degree level apprenticeship

  • 4 students took a planned gap year.

Please click on the link for more detailed information on the school's GCSE performance from the Department of Education. This places us as the top grammar school in Warwickshire. The link to the post-16 performance (2019) from the Department of Education is here. You can access Ofsted's Parent View page for the school through this link. For details of the school's Pupil Premium expenditure, please follow this link.

What is Progress 8 and Attainment 8?

Progress 8 is a measure of the progress students make from the end of primary school to GCSE across a range of 8 GCSE subjects. It is a type of value added measure, which means that pupils’ results are compared to the progress of other pupils nationally with similar prior attainment. 

Attainment 8 measures students' raw results (attainment) across 8 key GCSEs including Maths and English.

Our results mean we are the top grammar school in Warwickshire in terms of progress.

School performance tables  here



Headline figures

  • 74 % A*/B (74% including EPQ)
  • 41 % A*/A (45% including EPQ)
  • 14 % A* (16% including EPQ)
  • 21% achieved A* A grades in all subjects
  • Pupil Premium students achieved above expected levels of progress. 


Of the 111 students sitting A-levels this summer, 44% secured A* or A grades and nearly three quarters of their grades were at A*, A or B, which marks another year of overall A-level success.

Headteacher Mrs Jacqui Cornell said: “We send warm congratulations to all of our students who have secured the grades they need to progress onto their chosen university or Higher Apprenticeship course. There have once again been many outstanding achievements right across the eclectic mix of our A-level students. As in previous years, the hard work on the part of our students and our staff has been rewarded.

In light of the national picture, we heartily congratulate all those (nearly a quarter of the cohort) who secured A*s and/or As across all of their A-levels and those who obtained their Oxbridge place. We are proud of what they have achieved and wish them well as them embark on the next exciting phase in their lives.’

Our top achiever was Inaam Shammoon (four A* grades) who is joined by our other top performers Eleanor Beckett, Caitlin Bryant, Maryam Ismail, Stephanie Musgrove and Josie Shipman – all with A*s across all three of their A-levels.

Our students have achieved amazing outcomes and when you combine these with the experiences gained from our extra-curricular programme, we wish them all the very best as they progress confidently onto their chosen destinations. 


Headline Figures

  • 80% achieved A*/A and 9/7
  • 31% of all results were at Grade 9 - an increase on 2018 figures
  • 28% of all results were at Grade 8 - an increase on 2018 figures
  • 80% of all results were at Grade 9-7 - an increase on 2018 figures


80.% achieved grades at 9/7 and A*/A across all of their GCSEs.  31% were at a Grade 9 and a further 28% at a Grade 8: both an increase on last year.

Headteacher, Jacqui Cornell, said, ‘We are truly delighted for all of our students as they receive their GCSE results today. Our students’ capacity to outperform our previous year’s results never ceases to amaze us. For many, their success is tied to a willingness and determination to be the best they can be. The SGGS family pulls together to reach these outstanding results; a big thank you and congratulations goes to all those involved – students, teaching and associate staff, and parents/carers.  These outstanding results reflect our commitment to offer a broad and balanced education that meets the needs of today’s bright young women.  We are proud of our continued success as a school and because our students are now placed in the best possible position to access their chosen long-term destination: university, higher apprenticeship or the world of work.  We look forward to welcoming the many joining us for sixth form and to celebrating their ongoing successes with them.’

Particular congratulations go to Isabella Azima who has achieved the highest score nationally for OCR’s GCSE Music course and to the thirteen students who achieved eight or more Grade 9s. All of our students are heartily congratulated by the school on their outstanding achievements.