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Sixth Form Induction

Current SGGS students begin their introduction to the responsibilities and privileges of Sixth Form during their first term of Year 11, culminating in our ‘Sixth Former for a Day’ event. On this day, Year 12 and 13 have an off-site study day, allowing students who are preparing to move into Sixth Form the opportunity to take over the Manor and attend a series of A-level taster lessons.  

External applicants

Students joining us from other schools are welcomed to an induction day in the summer. This hugely beneficial day is based in the Manor and its surrounding gardens, and our new arrivals to Year 12 are introduced to the facilities at their disposal and take part in fun team-building exercises and games alongside current Year 11 students.  It is from this day that lifelong friendships are formed and students leave the day feeling excited about the start of their SGGS journey as well as reassured that they have absolutely made the right choice for their sixth form.  

Transition materials

Prior to the start of term, SGGS provide students with a pack of documents and materials for those transitioning into A-Level studies through a forward-thinking initiative called the Step into Sixth Form programme. Resources are broken down by subject and aim to introduce students to the topics, learning style and critical ways of thinking that will be expected from the start of Year 12.

At the start of the induction process, both internal and external joiners take part in transition conversations. These are designed to be welcoming chats about future aspirations and how to get the most out of the Sixth Form experience by knowing about all the resources and support that will be available to them. By giving students ownership over their outcomes from their very first day, useful career goals can be set and individual plans for progression are formed. We recognise that every Sixth Form journey is different, and we are here to guide each student every step of the way.