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This school does not stand still or rest on its laurels. There is a culture of support to deliver the very best, and a professional desire to improve. Exceptional means a beacon of excellence and the cumulative Quality of Education is exceptional.

Ofsted, November 2022


We are delighted that Stratford Girls' Grammar School is judged to be an Outstanding school.  

Inspectors were struck by the excellent relations between peers, and between students and teachers. They recognised ‘passionate teachers, who demonstrate time and again that the integrity of their subject matters’; staff who see it as their ‘professional desire to deliver the very best’ and to teach not just for an exam. They believed that both students and teachers ‘treat their subjects with dignity'. They were impressed by our enrichment offer, and that it sits within and alongside the academic studies of the students rather than separate to them. They felt that we provide a programme that is ‘well thought through and well researched,’ thus it ‘supports our students into become fully developed young people’: enrichment ‘is not an extra, it just is’. 

In terms of personal development, through conversations with the students and staff, they concluded that the strength of student voice at Stratford Girls' Grammar School and the extensive leadership opportunities support our students to be effective in the world beyond school. Students are able to work within a ‘calm, orderly environment and they make friends quickly.’ They were truly impressed with our vertical tutoring system, noting that some students have friendships that extend into university with alumnae students. The benefits of day-to-day role modelling that goes on were evident.  

Our Sixth Form was judged to be outstanding. The Sixth Form was seen to be embedded in the community at Stratford Girls' Grammar School; ‘two years out of the seven-year journey,’ creating a truly through school. ‘Passionate staff, being well supported and rich success’ summed up the Sixth Form students’ experience. The speaker programme and links to alumnae were seen to be real strengths, where again the Inspectors spoke of the ‘good role modelling and the subliminal learning that comes from this exposure.’  

Our report shows that SGGS is an exceptional school as a result of exceptional leadership across the school, and the commitment, respect and the love of learning that we all share.