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SGGS and SGGS Sixth Form students share a sense of place, of belonging that extends beyond the school site.  It is those durable relationships that define the sense of community, which is important to their identity and their sense of self.

We have an extraordinary reputation for being a place that has an authentic feeling of belonging; of being part of something bigger, something special.  We believe this comes from our sense of community, from all of the people and groups that make up the whole.  In this area of our website, you can find out more about our House system, the cornerstones on which our pastoral provision is built, or the many people who visit our school as part of our Speaker Programme to share experiences and help to guide our students.  You can read more about our student leadership and how important it is that our students have a voice and learn key leadership and motivational skills to ready them for life beyond school.  The links on the right of this page will help to give you a sense of what it means to belong to the SGGS community.

  • We believe in building skills for life beyond education...