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Friends of SGGS (FoS)

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Welcome to FoS

FoS (Friends of SGGS) is a parent-run charity group raising funds towards both facilities and the provision of social and community aspects that make Stratford Girls’ Grammar School so unique. As parents and carers of the students attending SGGS, we remain passionate about enhancing their experiences and securing the most enjoyable and stimulating learning environment imaginable. 

Whilst our activities are predominantly focused on fundraising, many parents join us to give something back. We both welcome and encourage new members to support FoS in any way they like. This can be monetary donations towards objectives and goals, but also donating time, expertise or skills to help support the organisation and smooth running of events, performances, concerts, quizzes, raffles and discos.

We are keen to ensure there is no pressure in supporting FoS and that any level of help provided is appreciated. We are a diverse group and always remain on the look-out for those with unique or specialised skills and enthusiastic volunteers.

Raising awareness is just as important to us as directly raising funds. That’s why we remain engaged with all parents/carers and remind them of opportunities like matched funding. Did you know that some employers will provide support for parental fundraising initiatives and all you need to do is enquire. We are vigilant when it comes to easy or background fundraising opportunities, but the more of us who work together, the better the outcomes will be.

Over the years, we are proud to have helped the school ensure it is a safe environment and provide all-round education support activity. Our contributions have helped SGGS purchase items like a mini-bus, picnic tables and benches and a collection of laptops. The ‘FoS Fitness Suite’ is so named in recognition of our £25,000 contribution (given over 5 years) to the school’s development of the Hargreaves building.

Ultimately, we help with the things that normal school funding cannot. As we are all volunteers, there are no overheads and every penny we raise goes towards enhancing the school experience for every student.  None of this can happen without the support of our school community. 

Get in touch with us at for a friendly introduction and let's chat about how you might help us play a role in shaping your daughter’s future.

FoS is an independent registered charity (charity number: 504356).


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