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Extra Curricular

Enrichment opportunities

Enrichment is at the very heart of Stratford Girls’ Grammar School and can be seen in everything we do. Our name is synonymous with academic excellence, but it is our focus on enrichment and the learning environment that truly sets us apart. Rather than simply treating enrichment as a necessary additional service, we ensure this is embedded in our culture and that all SGGS students understand how additional opportunities can help unlock their full potential.

By helping students develop interests and abilities through learning experiences outside of studies, we foster the independence and interpersonal skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Believing in students, recognising them for who they are and encouraging their ambitions fosters a happy and engaging atmosphere that translates into all-round success.  We dedicate the entirety of Wednesday afternoons to the extended growth of students beyond academic achievements, using inspiration and enthusiasm as methods of preparing students for life beyond their school years. This enrichment ethos applies to the whole school including SGGS Sixth Form, with some of the clubs run by Sixth Form students.

We have seen enrichment activities, such as the SGGS after-school and lunchtime clubs, shape students into well-rounded individuals and directly contribute to the development of wider skills such as leadership and teamwork. This also has a positive impact on mental health, confidence and self-esteem. We agree with research that indicates students who attend enrichment activities achieve better academically, so we encourage this behaviour wherever possible. We are always looking for new and exciting ways of enriching our students’ experiences and continue to do so.


Extra-curricular activities

Our extra-curricular opportunities are exceptional, with incredible opportunities available to students with interests in sports, performing arts, music and much more. Learning and development is never restricted to the classroom and Stratford Girl’s Grammar School aims to inspire students beyond the end of each academic day. Whether it's getting involved with our charitable work, fundraising, travelling nationally and internationally on our regular sport and music tours, joining the Duke of Edinburgh programme, or simply going to Chess Club every week, there is an opportunity for every student to seek out and find an activity they enjoy.

Sport is always very popular at our school and we have excellent facilities and links that will nurture interest in physical activities ranging from rowing and volleyball to table tennis and fitness club.  On the creative side, music, art and drama also provide many opportunities for girls to participate outside the classroom.  We offer maths and computer clubs for those students wanting to further develop their concentration and strategic thinking skills as well as other options including Feminist Club, Debating Matters, Young Writers and Amnesty.

All of the extra-curricular offerings at SGGS aim to develop creativity, encourage participation and expand knowledge, understanding and appreciation of different beliefs and cultures. We strive for students to gain a critical awareness of society and cultivate their desire to contribute to the wellbeing of others; making use of individual interests and talents by participating in a broad range of activities. We are proud that our extra-curricular opportunities contribute to fostering life-long commitments to sustainable development at a personal, local, national and global level.

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