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We believe that homework is a valuable part of our students' education.  

The purpose of homework is to:

• develop and refine academic potential by enabling metacognition and retrieval.

• encourage intellectual curiosity and a love of learning

• establish effective study habits and ownership of independent learning

• embed essential research and presentation skills

• reflect upon learning to date or ensure preparation for future lessons

• enable subject content to be covered in greater breadth and depth

In addition, it is excellent preparation for both Higher Education and the workplace. As a partnership between home and school, it also gives parents the opportunity to support their daughters' learning.

All year groups have a formal homework timetable that is shared at the start of the academic year. In Year 7 we aim to set homework that should take about an hour and a quarter per night, and this increases steadily as girls progress through the school. Homework is set on TEAMS so parents can also therefore see a record of what is being set.