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Our GCSE Options & FAQ

We are known for, and take pride in, the fact that we offer our students a broad and balanced curriculum which will enable them to flourish in the 21st century as adaptable, skilled and capable global citizens.  Whilst there is a core element to our curriculum, we also allow for significant choice and diversity of courses so that our students develop their own interests, guided by our expert and dedicated teaching staff.

For more information on our curriculum, please contact our Deputy Headteacher, Mr Jon Blackwall via email HERE

Our Curriculum Model

Year 7

Design Technology
Food Technology
Physical Education
Religious Studies

year 8

As in Year 7, with the exception of languages, where students continue their French and start either German or Spanish.

Year 9

As in Year 8.  Students continue with 2 languages

GCSE Science courses start in Year 9.  All students study Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Year 10 and Year 11

GCSE courses in:

  • English:  Language and Literature
  • Languages:  one from French, German or Spanish
  • Maths
  • Three separate sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Plus any 3 from the following:    

  • Arts: Art, Drama, Music
  • Humanities: Business, Geography, History, Religious Studies
  • Second language: French, German or Spanish
  • Technologies: Computing, Design Technology and Food and Nutrition


Non-examined courses in: PSHE,Physical Education and Core Religion, Philosophy and Ethics