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We know that bright students can do well academically in any school.  We also know that an engaged, stimulated student is best-placed to learn and thus realise their full potential.  Our years of experience have allowed us to apply our expertise and tailor our curriculum so that our students will connect with it.  It is both broad and balanced and delivered in a way that enables them to flourish into perceptive and knowledgeable global citizens.  This is bolstered by a lack of disruption or distraction in our classrooms, and our exceptional pastoral provision.

Whilst there is a core element to our curriculum, we allow for significant choice and diversity of courses, enabling our students to develop their own interests, guided by our expert and dedicated teaching staff.

Please select from the menu on the right, to learn more about our curriculum.  If you have any further queries, please contact Deputy Headteacher Mr Jon Blackwall via email HERE.