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Student Leadership


2023-24 Head Girl, Fatima Dambatta



I am incredibly proud to have been handed the role of Head Girl at a school that has afforded me so many opportunities. I know that I will develop as a leader and that the lessons and achievements of my tenure will stay with me long after I leave. In this way, I hope to be an example for others and my future self. It has been and will continue to be a new and exciting journey and I will continue to embody the values that underpin the foundation of this school: champion the same values of positivity, respect and resilience, but most importantly and most importantly, leaving a positive impact on one another.
Being Head Girl here, in my final year at this vibrant and uplifting school, presents not only the opportunity for new challenges and goals, but also the opportunity to leave a legacy and give back to the community to which I am so grateful.

I couldn’t be happier to take on the projects of Seyi, Ella and Shivani, and working with Priyanshi and Daisy, I look forward to leaving our own legacy. Continuing the excellent work of the previous Head Girl Team, I want to amplify student voice by ensuring that their voices are ones with the greatest potential to be heard. Over my tenure, I look forward to continuing the celebration of the faiths and cultures that make up and enrich us as a school. I hope to also empower our school community by presenting opportunities to uplift our local community; provide further support to Charities in school and champion the same values of positivity, respect and resilience that have guided us through the school. The role will be both rewarding and challenging and I am excited to leave this year proud of what we as a Head Girl Team have achieved.



2021- 2023 Head Girl, Oluwaseyi Olomolaiye

My tenure as head girl has been incredibly enriching. This role has given me skill that I will take with me for life and has allowed me to build on skills I had already obtained. The role of head girl has allowed me to work as a team in representing the student voice and to be a leader amongst my peers.  
Being able to lead and represent such a warm community has been a great privilege. Interacting with a student body that is lively and active has made this experience easier; I am truly grateful to have been part of a diverse community which has given me so much to learn in the last 7 years. 
The support of Ella and Shivani has been exceptional; we’ve grown together and grown as individuals who are now more confident and articulate. We’ve successfully started new traditions and provoked change in how student voice operates at SGGS.  
Undoubtedly, my role as head girl will have a long-lasting legacy, with our work to be continued by the next team. We’re handing the baton to the capable hands of Fatima, Daisy and Priyanshi. I cannot wait to see what they do in their time; they should continue to have faith that they are 3 bright, intelligent and capable women who will go far in this role.



Head Girl Team

Made up of the Head Girl and two Deputy Head Girls, applications for these roles are invited from Year 12 students.  Open to those who have just joined SGGS Sixth Form as well as those who have been here since Year 7, it is very much a level playing field when it comes to the election of this high profile team.

The Head Girl Team lead the sixth form and the school.  Elected by all members of the school community, they are called upon to represent us in a range of environments from Governors' Meetings to meetings at the Town Council and they speak with conviction and authority.  Their remit includes:

  • Providing leadership to the school by supporting operational matters, ie assemblies, duties
  • Task Force groups on particular issues that arise from operational or strategic areas of the school
  • Supporting HOSF in internal communications and events to support transition to Sixth Form for all Year Groups
  • To coordinate the works of the Subject Ambassadors

2022-23 Head Girl Team:

  • Head Girl: Fatima Dambatta
  • Deputy Head Girl:  Priyanshi Agarwal
  • Deputy Head Girl:  Daisy Aratoon


2022 Head Girl Team: Oluwaseyi Olomolaiye, Shivani Dave, Ella Roberts

2021 Head Girl Team: Juliet Donajgrodzki, Ananya Ryali, Jasmine Simon

2020 Head Girl Team:  Charlotte Curd, Hanna Vine, Ayanna Pahil
2019 Head Girl Team:  Bella Earle, Elizabeth Tiskina, Hermione Hill
2018 Head Girl Team:  Amynta Arshad, Katie Crowfoot, Isabel Scanlon
2017 Head Girl Team:  Sarah Lusty, Sofia Giles, Tamara Majevadia


house captains

Applications for House Captains are invited from Year 12 students.  They represent the student voice and their areas of focus and responsibility include:

  • Providing leadership to the school by supporting operational matters, ie assemblies, duties
  • Gathering student feedback
  • Organisation of House Council system
  • Consultation on which charities for 2021-22
  • Creating & delivering a programme of fund-raising activities
  • Supporting students’ understanding through assemblies, resources
  • Promoting charities around school
  • Supporting students’ understanding through assemblies, resources

2023-24 House Captains:

  • Cygnus:  Lily Nitsch and Mila Baines
  • Orion:   Jemima Saltmarsh and Emilia Strut 
  • Phoenix:  Anya Batavia and Sofia Edwards
  • Ursa:  Ruby Steele and Hannah Drake 

2022-23 House Captains:

  • Cygnus:  Elle Pearson and Shania Sharma
  • Orion:  Ellie Coggins and Emma Bowden-Williams
  • Phoenix:  Elise Saffet-Cole and Juwairiyah Mughal
  • Ursa:  Mia Featherstone and Freya Leadbetter

2021-22 House Captains:

  • Cygnus:  Poppy Homer and Cora Williams
  • Orion:  Verity Beale and Angelie Marwaha
  • Phoenix:  Lara Foxon and Sandy Isaac
  • Ursa:  Amara Pahil and Millie Wright

So what does it mean to be a House Captain?  Below, we hear from the previous House Captains, who have reached the end of their tenure.

Becoming a House Captain is a fantastic way for students to become more involved in the everyday workings of Stratford Girls’ Grammar School as well as adding an extra layer of enrichment to the Sixth Form experience. During their time as House Captain, students form a close bond with fellow Captains and the rest of the Senior Leadership Team. This experience also provides a way to remain connected to lower key stages and wider aspects of school life.

As a role model to younger students, SGGS House Captains are expected to give advice and support to others. This will be drawn from their own experience of secondary school including passing on the guidance they would have once received. These roles are aspirational and seen as something to strive for, building great foundations for future leadership opportunities and representing an impressive achievement to include on personal statements and CVs.

When I arrived in Year 7, I remember being welcomed into Cygnus with open arms and forming strong bonds with my fellow Cygnets. The vertical tutoring system gave me older role models, who became involved with student leadership or became House Captains themselves. When I got to Year 12, I wanted to ensure that other students could benefit from the House System as much as I had.

“Ultimately, a good House Captain is enthusiastic, capable of working with others and willing to put in the time and effort to represent their House as best they can. Most importantly, I have learned so much about working in a team. I am not afraid to reach out to others for help and I have recognised the benefits of more collaborative discussions. It is inspiring how integral everyone became in the success of our different projects and ideas. I'll definitely take this with me into later life.”

Imogen Barnes, Cygnus


“As someone who joined SGGS later, in Year 8, the House system was a huge support for me.  From making long-lasting friendship to enjoying House events, Cygnus provided me with irreplaceable memories.  As part of the Head Girl team, I have now been able to help younger students make similar memories, which is so rewarding.

“I have always enjoyed House events and the idea of being able to plan and prepare these really intrigued me. I couldn’t wait to apply my existing skills and learn new ones in such a supportive environment. The more energy you put into a project the better the outcome. This sounds simple but if other students see your love and passion, it will quickly pass along.”

Imogen Sherlock, Cygnus


“When I first joined SGGS, it was clear how strong the House system was. This stuck with me throughout my time here and when it came to apply, I knew I wanted to represent the students in Orion. A House Captain needs to be organised and imaginative. You will step outside of your comfort zone, whether that’s conducting assemblies in front of the school or dancing on the centre lawn during House Festival!

I’m proud of my House because everyone works incredibly well as a team, regardless of which year group we’re all in. There’s always so much going on; whether that’s organising House Council, appointing Prefects or launching a new inter-House competition. This has been a really rewarding experience and meeting new people along the way is a definite highlight."

Kirsty Duncan, Orion


“I saw becoming a House Captain as an opportunity to express my thanks to my school. Seeing the previous years doing an excellent job, I also thought it was a great way to be a part of something bigger. I was part of a good team, which is crucial as you are always working together.

“I am definitely proud of Orion and its enthusiasm, especially during lockdown months. It was great to see such amazing effort from all years in activities like House Bingo and the exercise challenges that took place. I am also proud of learning skills to manage a big event with high expectations from the whole school!”

Eleanor Stephenson, Orion


“I have always enjoyed participating in the House events that the previous House Captains have put on. I was a member of the House Council for the majority of my time at SGGS and saw first-hand how this gave students in the lower years a chance to have their voices heard.

“A good House captain should also be willing to take part in all kinds of different activities and be confident whilst doing this. I am proud of Phoenix, as we are a new House but are still able to work together effectively to win competitions and always showcase our resilience.  I have learnt how to use my time effectively and will take these valuable skills with me post-Sixth Form.”

Millie Johnson, Phoenix


“I wanted to give something back to the school as I have always admired the student leadership team throughout my time at SGGS. I also wanted to apply and gain an experience of an application and interview process as this will be useful for the future.

“Being reliable as well as being pro-active is very important. I admire the enthusiasm that the students in Phoenix have and their willingness to get involved in everything from the Winter House Festival to the House Competitions throughout the school year. Personally, I have become more resilient and determined. Being a House Captain has taught me how to take ideas and develop them into a reality, despite any setbacks faced.”

Emma Thornell, Phoenix


“I wanted to be a House Captain as I had always lacked confidence previously and I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of more than I thought. The experience has certainly helped me in that respect! It's nerve racking organising events like House Festival; hoping that your ideas work and trying to ensure everyone enjoys themselves. It takes a lot of guts putting your creativity on the line like that, but every single time we've done so, we’ve succeeded.

I'm definitely surer of my own ideas now, and in future I know I'll be much more confident in sharing them, no matter how bold I might think they are. Projects that students have enjoyed most have been ‘out of the box' ideas, like Mystery in the Manor, which was a personal favourite of mine! It means so much to see others taking part and having fun building House spirit, and it makes all the effort and planning worth it."

Holly Hughes, Ursa



Year 12/13 student leaders


Our Student Leadership team works alongside our Head of Sixth Form, Head Girl team and Student Ambassadors to help drive innovation and facilitate positive change to the student experience in both our Main School and Sixth Form. These responsibilities include:

  • Providing leadership to the school by supporting operational matters, ie assemblies, duties 
  • Task Force groups on particular issues that arise from operational or strategic areas of the school 
  • Supporting HOSF in internal communications and events to support transition to Sixth Form for all Year Groups
  • To coordinate the works of the Subject Ambassadors 


2023-24 Students Leaders


  • Sophie Message 
  • Apa Gupta 
  • Lucy Bauer 
  • Chloe Ni 
  • Tamsin Newman 
  • Lucy Tristram 
  • Az Palta 
  • Alice Doughty 
  • Tara Marok 
  • Daisy Wainwright Young 
  • Lily McGarty 
  • Poppy Thompson 
  • Rhianna Hollis 
  • Maisie Carter
  • Ashpreet Gill 
  • Laura Duncan




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