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German Exchange Students Visit Cadbury World and Stratford

The German exchange Party from Gymnasium Schwertstrasse, Solingen, returned to Stratford Girls' Grammar April 13th-20th to stay with their English partners for a week. 

They were greeted with fantastic weather and this remained for the entire week. They took part in a variety of trips arranged by the school including Shakespeare's Birthplace,  Ragley Hall, Cadbury World, London, Anne Hathaway's Cottage, and the experience of a typical cream tea as well as all the wonderful things that the families arranged for the weekend.

The exchange was a fantastic experience and there were many tears as the party left but many of the girls knew that they would see each other again soon, as they had made friends for life.

“The German Exchange was one of the most amazing things I have ever done in school. When the exchange party came back, I was so excited to show them around and take them to memorable places. Luckily, my exchange partner also had one of her close friends on the trip who was one of my friend’s exchange partners, so we did a lot of things together. On the Tuesday, we all went back to my house and had pizzas, ice cream and watched movies all night: it was such fun. Moreover, we spent a lot of time together at the weekend where we went shopping in Coventry and visited Drayton Manor Theme Park on Sunday. That was probably one of the best days we had with the exchanges, but all of them were great!  We were also lucky enough to have a joint trip with both the English and German girls to Cadbury World, which was amazing. Overall, it was a fantastic trip and I feel so lucky to have an exchange partner who feels more like a new best friend to me. My friend and I are already planning our ideas to go and visit our exchange partners in the summer as they really want us to come. I would definitely recommend taking part in the German Exchange because it is so much fun and the people you meet are the most loveliest people ever!”  -  Gwyneth Jones 9CJP

“I had an amazing time and made so many great memories.  My partner's English was incredible and we became great friends very quickly. I found that we had so much in common, even though she had never tried Cadbury's chocolate before! She definitely now knows what it tastes like after our visit to Cadbury World!  Thank you so much to Mrs Stringer for the incredible opportunity.”  -  Jennifer Earp 9CPM