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More Fundraising Success - "Send To A Friend" Event by USLB

We are enormously proud of our USLB tutor group, who last month took part in a fundraising activity that had a really fantastic feel-good factor too.  Here, Ellie-Megan and Holly from Year 7 tell us more about it.  Well done to all the girls who took part, and to those that chose to support the event for such a great cause!

In May, USLB tutor group provided a gift sending service in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.  We chose this charity because it is a topic that relates to everyone at this school; everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer.  People reacted generously, some people ordering many gifts for their friends. We have to thank all of these people and everyone else who supported this cause to make a huge £145.

The process of delivering these gifts started with an email being sent to the whole school, advertising the list of gifts we were offering at £1 each. The gifts came with decorated labels.  The gifts offered were things like cake, cookies, message in a bottle, bag-of-sweets, pebble messages and Singagrams.  The brainstorming session to think up these ideas was great fun!  We also had to organize who could do what and when, which was a bit more complicated, but we made it work!

Mrs. Barrett designed an entry form that was sent via email to the entire school.  The week we waited for the orders to come in was quite nerve-racking but very exciting.  We spent break-times outside the dining room collecting the completed order forms and donations.  We were absolutely thrilled when the orders came flooding in!  

Once the dates were decided for delivery, we ordered the food and the pebbles online and immediately began to make the labels.  The pebble designs were great fun to think up and soon the whole tutor group became part of the supply chain as the month sped by.  

It was really heartwarming to copy out some of the messages, from old students to special teachers, or pupil to pupil. It was a real privilege to be a part of that experience.   Mr Giles bought his entireform personalised pebbles with the message: 'Before we cry, we try' - what a lovely thought, and the girls loved them.

Seeing peoples days brighten as we delivered the orders was an amazing experience, and everyone loved their gifts!  We prepared a short video to share - we hope you enjoy it!

Holly and Ellie-Megan, Year 7