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History Trip to BBC Lectures in Winchester.

Here, Year 13's Harriet gives us her account of the day...

With smiles on our faces and the noise of a rather unfortunate radio station in our ears, eleven Year 13 History students embarked on an adventure for the record books, or at the very least, the pages of our history essays.  With lectures to attend by expert speakers Professor Jerry Brotton and Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb at the BBC History Weekend, we were charged with excitement.

Arriving in Winchester a good while later, the day kicked off with the comical start to be expected on a trip organised by this particular department!  Exchanging panicked glances as precious seconds ticked by and the English drizzle continued, both Mr Mac and Mr Giles were stumped as the bus horn persisted in its beeping. When the sound eventually ceased and our party realised the mini bus also lacked the capacity to lock, we ventured from the safety of the car park, with no idea as to what (or whom) we would return.

Trusty Google Maps in hand, our group manoeuvred its way through the streets of Winchester.  Feet throbbing and energy diminished, our 'swift walk' (that bore more resemblance to a sprint than anything else) led us to our first venue. Having taken our seats, an insightful lecture began.  Jerry Brotton has written a fascinating book on the relationship between the Elizabethan and the Islamic world. His hour long lecture was captivating and with an abundance of notes revolving around Elizabeth and the Islamic World scattering our pages, we left feeling both engaged and enlightened.

Exhausted from the morning's events, lunch time witnessed our chaotic arrival to a local Italian restaurant.  With just an hour to spare and three courses to eat, our priority-order-deserts were served with a side of indigestion...

The final lecture of the day took place in Winchester’s Great Hall.  History permeating the very atmosphere of the room and whispers of intrigue ensuing, Suzannah Liscomb's '20 Leadership Lessons from the Tudors' went down wonderfully - in fact, even our very own leaders seemed to learn a thing or two!

So feeling cheery, cultured and more than a little full, we returned to the mini bus, damp hair and all.  5 Live on and crisis averted (the absence of unwelcome passengers confirmed), we set off on the return trip to school.  With Mr Giles at the helm, a long and rather arduous journey awaited but the day had been nothing short of a roaring success!

PS. Mr Mac and Mr Giles would like to add that "There is nothing wrong with Radio 5 on a Saturday, particularly when England are playing football.  But the highlight of our day was accompanying such intelligent, involved and educated Sixth Formers. When Mr Giles spoke to Jerry Brotton he was super impressed that Sixth Formers had given up a Saturday to come to Winchester."


Harriet Solomon, Year 13