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Success At The National Jump Rope and Speed competition 2016

Year 8's Talitha tells us more about her experience at the competition and how she got into this unusual sport!

I got into jump rope a very weird way!  My Mom worked late on Wednesdays and I would have to do an afterschool club.  The only club available was a jump rope club - fortunately for me!  I progressed quicker than the others in  the club and got asked to join the team - of course I said yes!

I carried on progressing quickly and got asked to do my first competition, and after doing well I was invited onto the competition team.  Later, I got asked to do World Jump Rope 2015 and I jumped at the chance!  After a very good competition,  I was then invited to do Nationals this year.

In jump rope there are two different fields:  Speed and Freestyle, both of which are then broken down into more categories which are then split into events.

Speed: 3 minute, 30 seconds, 30 seconds Double Unders and Double Dutch.

3 minute: Masters.

30 seconds speed is broken down into: Masters, Pairs and 4x30 Relay.

30 seconds Double Unders: Masters and Pairs.

Freestyle: Double Dutch and Single Rope.

Double dutch is broken into: 3 Double Dutch and Fusion.

Single rope: Masters, Pairs and 4 Single Rope.

 I compete in all of these but Freestyle is my best field.

I came 7th in my freestyle, 14th in my my speed, 1st in my 4 single rope and 3rd in my three double dutch so a good competition - overall in our club we got 92 medals!

This year my father and I went up on the train from Birmingham International to Glasgow International.  I competed on the Saturday only, first in my Double Unders and then my 3 Minute, followed by my 30 Second Speed.  I then competed in Freestyle starting with my Masters.  Next was Pairs with Courtney, and finally my 3 Double Dutch. I then supported my team for the rest of the day and again on Sunday ( I also watched a bit of Netflix!)