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Simon Powell Poetry Competition Prize Winner

A poem written by Year 11's Annabel Peet has been recognised in the national compeition The Simon Powell Poetry Prize

Simon Powell, the founder of Poetry Live, was always a champion of new poetry. Before he died in 2009, he started a poetry competition for students attending Poetry Live. The competition now carries on in his memory.

Daniel Powell, the Director of Poetry Live says:  "It’s a great thing that you brought your pupils to a Poetry Live and I think it’s exciting that your pupil’s experience with poetry is going to go a step further. The workshop (to be held this July) will be run by Daljit Nagra and Imtiaz Dharker -  both very experienced at nurturing new writing talent. She will also be given a set of books and a chance to read at a Poetry Live event."

Annabel's poem '"Where Your Soul Sits' is below:


Where Your Soul Sits

You left your soul when you walked out.

You left it in my chair –

The one I always told you not to sit in –

And now I can’t sit in that chair,

Because that’s where your soul sits.

I wish I could be angry with you,

And please believe me when I say that I am trying,

But it was always hard to be angry with you.

This is no different.

I sit –

Not in my chair, because that’s where your soul sits –

And think of hate and anger and love

                and death,

But none of them apply because I don’t hate you,

I’m not angry,

I can’t love you,

And you didn’t die.

You just walked out.