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Alumna Visit

On Monday 16th March we hosted a visit from a member of our alumnae, as Amanda Davie returned to Shottery for the first time in 23 years...

 Amanda left us in 1992 to study French and Spanish at Sheffield University. After graduation she became an IT entrepreneur and set up her own company

Amanda came in to talk to girls about “My roller coaster ride as a female entrepreneur in the digital industry” She had excellent advice to hand out on what to study at University (Whatever you want – not what your parents want!), about making mistakes in life (Don’t worry!) and about boys (Don’t date KES boys!) as well as more serious thoughts on the role of women in business.

She even wore her purple striped school blazer!

She had some kind words for her alma mater, saying “How did I get where I am?  By finding myself some amazing and inspirational friends and life partner, and by pushing myself every day to be brave, collaborative, adaptive and curious. By trying to stay true to myself. And by being community minded and always giving something back. I think Shottery nurtured these traits in me.”

It is always great for our current girls to hear from our alumnae so if any parents out there would like to come in to talk about their journey after Shottery, please email Mr Giles at