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Best Presentation Award for Young Enterprise Team Legerity

We are enormously proud of Team Legerity's success this year, culminating in an award for Best Presentation at the evening last week.  We asked Legerity's Managing Director, Ellen Welford to tell us about the event...

On Tuesday 1st of May, the first round of Young Enterprise came to a close, with a presentation evening at Seco Tools in Alcester. In preparation, our team had to put together a five minute presentation, outlining our journey, including the fundraising process, the manufacturing of our product, and the selling. We presented alongside eight other teams from the South Warwickshire area.

After watching the presentations, we heard from guest speaker Jamie Turner, who had taken part in the Young Enterprise challenge when he was at school in Alcester, and then created a software called Postcode Anywhere, which he sold a couple of years ago for a hefty sum. He outlined the major challenges he had had to overcome, alongside the biggest rewards, which was fascinating and full of really useful pointers.

To end the evening, awards were given out for exceptional performance. My team, Team Legerity, won the award for the Best Presentation!  Unfortunately we did not proceed to the next round, but we have enjoyed the journey and are extremely happy with both our product and our achievements.  Our product, Scran for Students, is a recipe book aimed at people cooking on a budget, and can be purchased through ParentPay, or though the Shakespeare Hospice Bookshop.

Ellen Welford, Year 12