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Year 12 PSHE Day - A Student Review

We asked Deputy Head Girl, Katie Crowfoot to write an article for us about the recent Year 12 PSHE Day...

A couple of weeks ago Year 12 had a PSHE day dedicated to Decision Making and Risk Taking Behaviour. Throughout the day we had the opportunity to go to sessions based around the risks involved in driving, drug taking and sex. We ended the day with a very powerful talk by a wonderful representative of Beat Eating Disorders who gave a powerful presentation about his daughter’s struggle with eating disorders.

In Year 12, many of us get the opportunity to learn how to drive, which is very exciting but it is important for us to realise the risks that come with not driving safely! The session we had about driving was very interesting and very immersive - we all had a virtual reality headset to make it feel like we were involved in a crash caused by reckless driving. As someone who is learning to drive it was very eye-opening to learn more about the risks of having your friends in the car with you and how easily it is to be distracted by them!  Although intense, it was more cautionary than scary which was very good because it didn't put us off driving, but rather emphasised the importance of driving safely!

Another thing to think about in Year 12 is making decisions about our futures, whether that is university choices, appropriate apprenticeships, or planning gap years. The decision-making workshop talked us through the best way to make these decisions and how to make a decision that is right for each of us, not necessarily what we feel we have to do. This workshop was particularly useful because it is easy to be overwhelmed with the vast range of choices open to us for our futures, so different methods of decision-making and talking through the help available was really useful.

Throughout the day, we got involved in sessions based on the risks of drugs and alcohol.  A really engaging lady came to talk to us about the dangers of both recreational and Class A drugs, as well as the dangers of alcohol. This was hugely informative, particularly about responsible alcohol consumption, and many of us learned a lot about the impacts of alcohol on the body.

The final session we had was with a nurse who spoke to us about sexual health and contraceptive methods. The lady informed us about all available contraceptive methods and had visual aids for methods that people may not be as aware of which was really helpful for many people. She also spoke to us about the rising rates of STDs and what we can do to prevent getting or spreading such diseases, with particular emphasis on getting regular testing at the sexual health clinics nearby. This session was very useful and informative and raised awareness whilst also providing solutions!

For the final aspect of the day the whole year came together in the hall to hear a talk from a representative of the charity, Beat Eating Disorders.  The man speaking to us was so engaging and shared a very personal and emotional account about his daughter’s battle with eating disorders. He spoke to us about the effects of the eating disorder on his daughter and his family, and also how to look for signs that someone you know could be facing an eating disorder and where to go for help. His presentation was very hard-hitting and emphasised that mental illnesses (such as eating disorders) can happen to anyone and are not the fault of the individual; a very important message to share. Following the talk, posters have been put up around the sixth form building sharing information for where to go for help and ways to spot the possible signs of eating disorders among those around you.

The whole PSHE day was both valuable and incredibly informative.  We offer our thanks to everyone that made it such an interesting day.

Katie Crowfoot, Year 12