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Mainly It Wasn’t ‘To be.’ Year 12 Hamlet Trip Underwhelmed Discerning Critics

Year 12 English Literature students are trained to develop a critical ear. They had ample opportunity to put their skills to the test during a trip to London’s Bankside on June 29th to watch a performance of William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet.’ Under new Artistic Director Michelle Terry, there had been much mutterings between Bard aficionados of this anticipated ensemble Globe production with Terry playing the eponymous role.

Despite the magic of the setting of the hallowed Globe  enchanting SGGS girls, the play was certainly not the thing to… capture their imaginations.

A somewhat eclectic, rather than ensemble, production left characters reeling in isolation struggling as much against each other for relevance as they did against the thirty degree heat. Terry, played a winsome figure dressed oddly as a clown during the ‘mad’ scenes and despite all her might as an acting tour de force failed to satisfy. But no production is down to one character, this was a cast of bizarre directorial decision making, gender equal casting and frankly politically correct box ticking.

We left the theatre eager to share our critical opinions. Bankside, as always, provided a wonderful day out; on this occasion - it was the play that let us down.