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Part 2 - Ayanna Pahil, Deputy Head Girl

As part of our ongoing blog series, our new Head Girl Team continue to share a typical day in the life during isolation. Our next post is provided by our Deputy Head Girl, Ayanna Pahil.


Over to Ayanna…

Today I will be going through what I do in a ‘normal’ day in quarantine. It has been quite hard to adjust to this new experience but I have found that following the school timetable has really helped me. Also, if you have a pet, I am definitely jealous.


I normally wake up around this time. Sometimes I like to do a morning workout; there are many sources you can get ideas from, for example, our very own Ms Dent! I shower, get changed and head downstairs, make a cup of coffee and eat my breakfast. I always find that a good breakfast really helps me in the morning.  I tend to go for some granola and yoghurt, porridge or sometimes even a cheeky pastry.

As you know, the school day starts at 8:55am. However, being an A-Level student, I like to go over my notes or consider what we will be going over in the lesson ahead. In terms of resources, I use the internet, Kerboodle or the Moodle.


Time to start my first lesson. My teacher will set the work on Teams and I will work through it. If I have some time left, I will look on the internet for any additional useful information.

In this 5-minute break, I either annoy my family for a bit or go and get a fresh cup of coffee or water.  It’s important to stay hydrated!

Time for my second lesson.

A chance to read my book during ‘breaktime’. I am currently (re)reading The Godfather. If you have not read it (or seen the movie) you are definitely missing out and I really recommend it. If I am not in a reading mood, I will facetime my friends or watch something to clear my head.

I have frees at this time so will usually work on my EPQ, revise what I have learnt recently or make a start on some homework. If I really need the break, I might watch some Netflix and eat a cookie.

Time to make my lunch. This might be a sandwich, some pizza breads or even a toastie. I then spend some time catching up with my family, or write a letter to some of the people from the care home I volunteer at, or perhaps go for a walk.

I have my final lessons of the day.

I like to call my grandparents and see how they are doing. Then, I listen to a podcast on various topics, for example, there is one on King Henry VIII that I hope is helping with my history knowledge! (

I do my homework and any revision I have left to do. If I have some extra time I work on the MOOC I’ve started on Unifrog (on the heart).

I use this time to relax with family and help to make dinner. I do all sorts of things to unwind, from looking at clothes online, calling friends, attempting meditation and reading.

I go to bed around this time so I am recharged for another day! I hope you are all doing well during this time and making sure you take time to relax.  Thanks for reading my post!


The final part of our Head Girl series will be posted online next week.

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