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Year 13 Economics Trip to Paris

Year 13 students Thara Harrison, Ellie Stevens, Hannah Cockle and Amy Read tell us about their trip to Paris to attend the 'Your Future in Europe' conference at the Palais de Congres.

After arriving via Eurostar in a sunny, yet sub-zero Paris, we were treated to Mr Mahony’s indirect route to our hotel. A ‘quick’ shower and change of clothes prepared us for an evening out including a boat cruise on the river Seine and a delicious meal under the Eiffel Tower. After an early start the following morning and a series of increasingly busy metro rides, we arrived at the ‘Your Future in Europe’ conference at the Palais de Congres.

The conference was attended by almost 1000 students from across Europe and included nationally recognised speakers such as Shami Chakrabarti and Evan Davis, alongside a plethora of politicians from the major UK political parties. All gave thought-provoking, passionate speeches, which challenged the opinions as to whether or not the UK should remain a part of the European Union. Each session addressed a different argument of the EU debate: human rights, economic effects, business in the EU, studying and working abroad. 

The conference concluded with ‘Question Time’ involving a selection of the day’s speakers in heated debate following questions from the audience. The conference was a great experience which both supported our A-level studies and encouraged us to explore our original political stances. All of the speakers were suitably eloquent and impressive presenters; they managed to explain complex issues in an interesting and easy way to understand.

An evening meal in the Latin Quarter next to Notre-Dame completed our day; this was a bustling part of the city and the perfect place to spend our last evening. After a group breakfast in a Parisian café the following morning, we headed back to Stratford.