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Meet the Newest Members of our School Community

A very warm welcome to our latest staff additions at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School. We have recently been joined by Sarah Bennett (Head of Biology), Alex Sarti (Teacher of German/French) and Lisa Cooper (Head’s PA).

In today’s blog post, our three latest additions to the SGGS community take the time to introduce themselves and share their excitement at joining our school.

Mrs Bennett

My love of biology began as a child when I used to collect and watch snails in a jam-jar habitat. This fascination of living organisms led me on to graduate from Imperial College, London with a degree in Applied Biology. Following a successful 15-year career in the pharmaceutical industry I became a biology teacher and have been teaching for eleven years. For the past three years I have also worked as an A level practical advisor for AQA.  I have a strong belief that learning should be fun and work hard to create memorable lessons where students engage in active learning. I am thrilled to have joined the SGGS family and bring lots of energy to the department to do even more exciting things!


Mrs Sarti

I started my career around 5 or 6 by teaching my brother the alphabet! I was very lucky to be born from an Austrian dad and a French mum, meaning that I had the huge privilege of growing up with two languages and two cultural reference points. When I started secondary school in France, English became my favourite subject and I decided I wanted to become fluent. I went on to study English at university and pursued a career in the classroom, training to become a teacher in the UK. Languages are a fabulous way to understand that the world is not just where we live. They challenge the given, make us smarter and widen our horizons. I am very much looking forward to sharing my passion for words, their heritage and what they tell us about other people and ourselves.


Miss Cooper

I like to make a difference and am proud to say I have achieved this in various roles throughout my career. My career spans 30 years, at first working in export sales and marketing and latterly as part of the SLT for a membership organisation working with volunteers and members all over the globe, raising the profile of the importance of qualified and competent engineers. I’m looking forward to building new relationships and making a difference here at SGGS, and of course, looking forward to the longer holidays working at a school will enable me to have, as I love to travel and explore. I enjoy looking round heritage buildings and gardens and finding out about their history as well as trying to speak French whenever I get the opportunity!


Mrs Smith

We are delighted to welcome back Mrs Smith, who joins us a Teacher of History.  Some of you may remember her as SGGS Deputy Head a few short years ago, and she is also a member of the SGGS alumnae, having been a student here too.  We will be hearing more from her later on in the term.