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A Step Back In Time for Year 12 Historians

The 29th of June saw twenty two Year 12 Historians take a trip back intime to visit the Tudors at Hampton Court.  Mr Giles tells us more...

Our day was spent exploring events which had happened at the court as per case studies on the ‘Mid-Tudor Crisis’. From the shooting of Edward VI’s dog to Mary’s phantom pregnancy to Elizabeth’s smallpox, the girls explored the concept of ‘crisis’ and whether these events could truly have brought down a dynasty.

We were then taken on a bespoke tour of the Palace visiting the Chapel, Grand Hall and courtyards on the way. The highlight for some was to actually see the famous ‘Fields of cloth of Gold’ painting, for others it was the huge famous portrait of Henry VIII towering over his subjects and for one (who will remain nameless) it was staring at an old wooden Tudor staircase!

A trip to Hampton Court is a great way to end a year of studying the early Tudors and girls have returned to school refreshed and exciting about continuing their Tudor studies with the A2 course on ’The Triumph of Elizabeth’.