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Our New Website

It is with enormous pleasure that we are able to reveal the refreshed, updated and contemporary Stratford Girl’s Grammar School website this month. Many months in the making,  we are excited to share some of the key features in this week’s blog.

The first thing you will notice when arriving at our new homepage is the separate channels for our main school and Sixth Form. Whilst SGGS is one multi-faceted community, we know that the needs and requirements of students are quite different when working towards GCSEs compared to A-Levels.   We wanted to ensure ease of use; to be able to direct visitors without delay to the data they have come specifically to find, or to present a range of information about our school to those who have come to discover more about their daughter’s journey should she come to study here.

Much thought has been given to the user journey and user experience and we feel the updated imagery and layout is both visually striking and tells its own story; reflective of the diverse, welcoming and happy environment that our school is known for.


Showing who we are

When devising our new website, we remained true to our ethos and values. Every piece of communication included respects our heritage but also looks to the future, from the helpful resources available for current students to the welcome information included for prospective new arrivals.

The SGGS curriculum continually evolves to ensure students have the best possible foundation for their future. Consequently, we have ensured that key-related information on each course we provide is easily reached on our new site and includes everything a student may want to know about what they can expect from learning these subjects. Helpful links to additional information are included and relevant contact information to find out more is present on every page.

One of the more positive aspects of lockdown was how we successfully transitioned to a remote learning environment. Our technological capability was better than we realised, and we have flourished in this area, with all students and members of staff now confident using software, technology, apps and more in everyday learning. It was important that our website reflected this shift and symbolised the identity of our school, which remains steeped in history but is also forward-thinking, dynamic, diverse and welcoming.


The student experience

By helping students develop interests and abilities through learning experiences outside of the classroom, we foster the independence and interpersonal skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Our new website includes helpful insight into our enrichment capabilities and also the extra-curricular activities that remain available to all SGGS students.

Hearing from students themselves is incredibly important, so we have dedicated welcome information and messages from our Head Girl and House Captain teams. This is a clear indication of the status and responsibility these students have within our school and rightly presents them in an aspirational capacity.

Supporting our students' wellbeing goes beyond academic study, and we have ensured this is prevalent on our new website as well as in school.



Ongoing communication

We want our website to be a useful destination for people deciding on joining our school or Sixth Form, as well as being a place that our current community can drop in to, for example to read up on latest school news articles, or review exam board information for their subjects and lots more. 

Our ongoing news and blog series continues to be uploaded to a dedicated section of our website, keeping our community up to date with the latest information and highlighting key achievements by our students and staff. This is directly integrated with our social media channels and we have made sure that the website shares content from these platforms clearly and concisely, reflecting the modern and accessible nature of our school communications. 

The sense of belonging experienced at SGGS stays with our graduates for the rest of their lives, so we have updated our Alumnae section to make it easier than ever for students to remain in contact. You can also find information on FOS and other ways to contribute to the development and growth of SGGS in future.

We are delighted with the look and feel of our new website and how it represents our school. We believe in building skills for life beyond education. We shape futures. We are Stratford Girls’ Grammar School.