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One Month in as an SGGS Sixth Former

In this week’s blog, Year 12 student Mia Featherstone reflects on her decision to join the Stratford Girls’ Grammar School Sixth Form and tells us how she’s finding it one month in.

Over to Mia...

Starting a new school can often be nerve-wracking but joining SGGS has been an amazing experience for me and I am so glad that I made the move. The transition into such a warm environment has been incredibly smooth and enjoyable and the teachers and students have welcomed me as one of their own; making me feel at home already.

I’ve particularly enjoyed the new experience of vertical tutor groups, which I have never been a part of before. It allows me to converse with younger and older years, instead of being absorbed in a Year 12 bubble. As a student who joined externally, getting the opportunity to mix and get to know the other year groups, within the main school and upper sixth, has been an incredibly valuable experience as I’ve been able to understand and grasp the school’s ethos and journey during the small time I’ve been here.

New opportunities

As well as the amazing courses I’m enrolled in, I’ve loved the variety of extracurricular clubs that have been offered to me and the unique Sixth Form roles that are available. I can’t wait to get involved and stuck into the opportunities that are on offer. Having been at SGGS for less than a term, I’ve already taken on and learned many new skills such as effective outside reading and study, where I have received support in order to successfully broaden my knowledge surrounding my studies. As well as inheriting academic skills, I have also learned teambuilding skills as most of my lessons involve collaborative roles which, with the partaking of LAMDA as an extracurricular activity, have increased my confidence levels.

SGGS is, in many ways, different from my previous secondary school. It’s around four times larger, meaning I have many more valued friendships and closer bonds which is a significant benefit to me as making new friends in a new school can often be daunting and a concern for anybody. Having slightly larger classes has also been a bonus and benefitted my transition as I’ve been able to contribute in open discussions with my peers where I get to hear about their innovative ideas regarding clubs, extracurriculars and additional studies. I’ve never experienced an environment like this before at school and so far, I’ve loved it.

Looking forward

I’m only 5 weeks in but I’m already very excited to progress within the Sixth Form. With the help of my amazing teachers, who have already welcomed me with open arms, I hope that I’ll reach my goals to excel academically, get involved in all school traditions and events and ultimately make a great addition to the amiable the school atmosphere.

SGGS is a wonderful school to join and if I could offer any advice to newcomers, it would be to immerse yourself in all that is offered from day one and interact with all year groups.

Following this advice has already impacted me positively. Knowing that I have reliable friends in other years boosts the familial atmosphere at school and allows me to comfortably take part in anything, without the concern of not fitting in.


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