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Year 12 students visit Newman University Religion & Theology Taster Day

Recently we attended a Religion and Theology themed Learning Day at Newman University in Birmingham as part of an authorised out of school educational trip. We went to two talks, the first of which focused on ethical and religious language which strongly links to our A-level Religious Studies course, allowing us to add context to content we have already learnt. The second talk focused on the bible and art in reference to the story of Joseph and the Pharaoh of Egypt which was not a topic that we’d cover at A-level but would perhaps cover if we pursued theology and the reception of the Bible at university level. We found the second talk particularly engaging, and it has encouraged us to learn more about the topic area even though it’s not all covered in the A-level. The teaching staff and students at Newman University made us feel very welcome which helped create a comfortable atmosphere. We would recommend a learning day like this to anyone that is interested in a wide range of topics as many are on offer specifically at Newman; overall we would love to return to Newman Uni if another course of relevance appeared. Poppy, Jess and Abby

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