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A level R.S students attend 'Candle Conference' at Coventry Cathedral

On the 26th of February 2024, Year 12 and Year 13 Religious Studies students went to Coventry Cathedral to attend Peter Vardy’s “Candle conference” for A-level students. The day of lessons and lectures began at 10am focused on the questions and ideas: “Is God Good?”, “What does it mean for God to be “good”?”, Aquinas’ Natural Law theory and varying understandings of the human conscience. Drawing from many parts of the OCR A specification, Peter Vardy talked through key ideas and scholars, providing holistic revision to Year13 students, and for Year12 students some exciting insights into next year’s content. The final task was an inclusive debate with all the attending schools surrounding the issue of an individual conscience, many arguments were put forward including some especially insightful comments from our own Year13 students.