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London Theatre Trip

Below are some accounts of the Drama trip to London during Activities Week.

"Before we even arrived at our first destination Buckingham Palace we had already seen some of the main attractions of London. As we sat on our coach we were showed everything in London from the café where Jamie Oliver was first discovered to high end London shops like Harrods and Gucci. Then as our tour came to an end we got off the coach and headed to one of the most important attractions in London - Buckingham Palace.  We took lots of photos and stood in awe at the golden gates before we were rushed off to the coach so we could get to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  The set was magical and didn’t fall short of the high expectations set by the film.  The star of the show was a young boy playing Charlie Bucket who performed a very convincing role."  -  Phoebe Downing

"After watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we went over to the Boulevard Brasserie, a restaurant that serves lots of theatre-goers!  We had delicious chips and burgers. We then went and watched Matilda, which was my favourite play of all three!  The songs were brilliant and the actor who played Miss Trunchbull was very funny! After the theatre we went back to the hotel and shared rooms in threes."  -  Mirabelle Henry

"The next day we had a continental breakfast in the hotel and started on our journey to the BBC Studios. It took us a long time to get there due to traffic from the ongoing tube strikes. Once finally getting to the BBC we had a quick tour in 2 different groups.  We were taught how newsreaders and weather people do their job by re-enacting broadcasts in front of a green screen.  We then went to see the concert hall where celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Emeli Sandé perform instead of in the Live Lounge.  We then were taught how to record a radio play and make sound effects which was fascinating and very creative.  For lunch we went to the Hard Rock Café, which was completely amazing!  We had burgers and fries whilst jamming out to Nirvana and Metallica.  Finally, we saw our last play which was War Horse. The whole thing was amazing, with really talented “actors” playing the horses and a highly entertaining goose!  Overall, it was a great trip and not something we could’ve done without school, so thank you!"  -  Nipuni Wjeratne