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SGGS Students triumph over Local Competition at Mock Trial.

Against formidable opponents from neighbouring schools, our students showcased their legal acumen, determination, and teamwork, ultimately emerging victorious. They demonstrated not only a deep understanding of the law but the day was also an opportunity to flex the invaluable skills that are a vital part of their personal development: critical thinking, public speaking, and persuasion.

Janya, who played the role of the Court Usher, writes the following review.

The Magistrates’ Court Mock Trial Competition is designed for 12-14-year olds to help them understand the legal justice system by taking on roles in a criminal trial, such as prosecutor and defendant. The cases are written by legal experts, and participants compete in real courthouses with the support of magistrates and legal advisors. Even if you are not necessarily interested in a career in law, the competition is an amazing experience.

We auditioned for a part on the team, and prepared for a case involving alleged assault causing actual bodily harm.  Our round was held in Coventry Magistrates’ Court with real Magistrates and Court workers there on the day. There is no such thing as an unimportant role, as the competition encourages everyone to support each other in their planning and to respect each other’s roles. It really does help you work on your teamwork skills, public speaking, questioning and understanding of the law. I would definitely recommend students to participate in the competition as it’s really good fun!

It was a tense atmosphere with schools all over the United Kingdom fighting to be the winning team. Our teams were up against K.E.S and Kineton and “won” both its rounds in terms of the magistrates’ judgements at the end of the trial. Aysha also won the award for best defendant, impressing the magistrates with the quality of her answers under cross examination.