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Shottery Achieves E-Safety Award

Assessors from the South West Grid for Learning recently visited Stratford Girls’ Grammar School to review the school’s e-safety provision.

The South West Grid for Learning Trust provides the internet connection and a range of other services to schools across the SW region and is in the forefront of national developments in e-safety.  With Ofsted focusing more and more on safeguarding standards, many schools are now applying for the E-Safety 360 standard to demonstrate their commitment to do more to protect young people and staff.

To apply for the 360 degree safe E-Safety Mark, schools have to reach a series of benchmark levels when they complete the online self-review. The evidence is then verified by a visit from experienced Assessors.  Schools are expected to show that they have provided a high standard of e-safety education and awareness for all staff , students and also for parents and carers, to ensure that these users of the new technologies can be safe online – whether they are in school, in their homes or out and about using mobile phones or other handheld devices.

Following her visit, Assessor Sarah Fitzgerald reported, "It has been a real pleasure to have visited Stratford Girls’ Grammar School to experience the excellent commitment and enthusiasm of the students, staff and governors.  The hard work and dedication of the e-Safety Coordinator, Heads of House and Headteacher should be praised and it is clearly evident that online safety is a top priority at the school.

I would like to congratulate the school on achieving their E-Safety Mark."

Simon Reid, Head of Computing and E-Learning at the school is delighted, “Until we started using the 360 Safe online self-assessment, we believed we had a robust e-safety action plan and scheme of work.  The process has been both thorough and effective in helping us identify weaknesses as well as planning how we can support not just our students, but staff, parents and the wider community.”

Ron Richards, Lead Assessor for the 360 degree safe E-Safety Mark congratulated Stratford Girls’ Grammar School on its success and commented that it was re-assuring to know that the school had put a lot of thought and effort into improving the on-line  safety of the staff and young people, by addressing these important safeguarding issues.