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Parent Power 2015 - Shottery Rises Again

Stratford Girls' Grammar School is again climbing higher up the Parent Power tables, and we couldn't be more pleased!

On 22 November, The Sunday Times published Parent Power listings for more than 400 of the highest-achieving secondary schools.  These definitive school rankings span the state and independent sectors, primary and preparatory education in England, and secondary schools across the whole of the UK.  There are rankings for A-levels and GCSEs alongside separate listings showing the top-achieving schools offering the International Baccalaureate and Pre-U exams.  It is Britain’s biggest database of elite school performance and has more than ten years of exam history and rankings for many schools: inspection reports, school websites and even local properties for sale or rent close to the schools you are interested in.

This year, we are delighted to find ourselves placed 16th in the top state secondary schools in the UK, up four places from last year, and sixteen places from 2013.  This reflects our excellent A-level and GCSE results in 2015.  (see here for article on our results).  Here, we look at the reasons why we are a school that ambitious, focused and dynamic young ladies want to be a part of.

We offer entry in Year 7 and the Sixth Form.  The academic aptitude of the eleven year old girls that apply to be here is arguably amongst the best in the country, but Stratford Girls’ Grammar looks for more than that.  Girls come here to be challenged and stretched, to achieve their full potential and go on to do great things on the paths they choose to follow.  We are enormously proud to have amongst our numbers sporting champions who represent their country on an international level for instance, and gifted musicians who take any and all opportunities presented to them, including performing with renowned musicians on stages across the country, or composing the score for our incredible school productions. 

We place enormous importance on ensuring that our girls are productive, responsible, caring and contributing members of society, who recognise the significance of community.  Our extra-curricular offer is second to none, offering a programme of activities designed to develop and enhance inter-personal skills and teamwork, opportunities to develop work experience/volunteering programmes, and the cultivation of key employment skills, utilising our excellent contacts in the world of careers.

We are extremely lucky to have interested, engaged parents and carers, who know the importance of a well-rounded education.  Regular communication between us ensures that the girls have continual support, both educationally and pastorally. 

Our staff are dynamic, proactive and resourceful and they have a strong belief in delivering a creative and engaging curriculum; the girls have all the tools necessary to maximise their own self-belief and beyond.

We are very proud of our rising position in the Parent Power tables, and we know it is well-deserved.  With our continually evolving plans for the future of the school, we are set to achieve our aspirational goals well within our anticipated timeframe and are excited about planning the next stages of our growth.