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Y10 Review - Lord Of The Flies

Year 10 Drama students went to see Lord Of The Flies at The Warwick Arts Centre on 24 February.  Year 10's Mirabelle has written a review for us...

The production of Lord of the Flies at Warwick Arts Centre on Wednesday evening was incredible. The set - piles of suitcases and a wrecked plane, looked amazing and worked well as the actors jumped on all the different levels and used the variety props. The production used fire, slow motion, intense music, flashing lights, and inventive choreography.

The mounting tension and constant action made it so tense and so realistic that it felt like watching a film. The incredible skill of the actors also made the play so believable and by the end the audience were so emotionally invested that we felt attached to the characters and were shocked into silence.

Lord of the Flies was a brilliant piece of drama that I would recommend to everyone.