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The School Day

Tutorial   08.55 - 09.15
Period 1   09.20 - 10.10
Period 2   10.15 - 11.05
BREAK   11.05 - 11.25
Period 3   11.25 - 12.15
Period 4   12.20 - 13.10
LUNCH   13.10 - 14.10
Period 5   14.10 - 15.00
Period 6   15.05 - 15.55

The School Day

Registration:  Registration is in Tutor Time every morning at 8.55am.  Students also register in every lesson.  If a student does not register, has not signed in at Student Services, and we have not heard from her parents/carers by 11am, parents/carers are sent a text or an email advising them that their daughter has not registered at school.  If they do not respond within the hour, we will then contact them by telephone to follow up.

Assemblies:  The school community gets together for a Whole School Assembly once every half-term.  House assemblies are held fortnightly, and Year Group assemblies are held throughout the term.

Tutor Time: On days where there are no assemblies, students meet in Tutor Groups for 20 minutes and engage in a range of activities and go through relevant student notices.