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Induction Programme

We are experts at teaching bright young people and we work hard to ensure that each student receives a warm, welcoming and informative induction, which prepares them well for the next seven years and fosters a robust understanding of the care and support they will receive alongside their education here. 

Students joining us in Year 7 are invited to spend a day at our school during the summer term of Year 6. We have over 70 feeder schools and quite often, a student will be the only one arriving from their current class. Any student who is nervous about making friends can rest assured, they are not alone! Our induction day is designed to help girls feel at home and learn the geography of the school, so by the time September comes, they already have friends, know where to go and who to ask for assistance.

Our House system, consisting of Cygnus, Orion, Phoenix and Ursa, is explained and each student discovers which House they are joining. They will remain part of this House throughout their entire SGGS journey. Our Head Girl Team and House Captains will be present on the induction day and play a key role in activities, so that new arrivals have access to student support and mentorship from day one.  Students will meet their Tutor and their future classmates during induction, as well as take part in sample lessons, designed to be realistic but also drain away any anxieties around the challenges that lie ahead. Students are asked to attend in comfortable non-uniform, so they can take part in a variety of fun games and ice-breaker activities.

  • We believe in building skills for life beyond education...